Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Hyundai Cars

Hyundai (Korean pronunciation: [çjəːndɛ]) is a group of companies (or chaebol) founded in South Korea by one of the most famous businessmen in Korean history: Chung Ju-yung. The first Hyundai company was founded in 1947 as a construction company.Two of the best-known Hyundai divisions are Hyundai Motor Company, the world's fourth largest automobile manufacturer by volume as of January 2011, and Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's largest shipbuilder. Other companies currently or formerly controlled by members of Chung's extended family may be loosely referred to as a part of the Hyundai chaebol.

Silver Hyundai Cars Front side

Look so Elegant Hyundai Cars

Luxury Black Hyundai Cars

Blue Hyundai Cars Hatchback

Cool Hyundai Sport Cars

Hyundai Cars Performance

Hyundai Cars Front View

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