Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

Mazda Taiki Concept

the Taiki is offspring of the Batmobile and Spinner from Blade Runner.

Mazda Taiki Concept | Japan meets Batman

Mazda Taiki Concept silver

Mazda Taiki Concept silver and red

red amaging Mazda Taiki Concept

Taiki is so beautiful of a concept car it is almost worth not driving at all. Like a work of modern art, one should admire, pace around slowly, debate what the designers were feeling as they created. Of course, that would be no fun. You are forced by sheer attraction to touch, sit and accelerate the Taiki to its limits. One can only hope Mazda keeps Taiki’s grace and efficiency in the final model.

These machines were built using the same ideas behind hydrogen rotary engines, except RENESIS is gasoline based as well as fuel efficient. Gas is injected at high pressure during intake, causing fuel to evaporate quickly. The fast air-fuel mixture stabilizes temperature in the chamber, raising the engine’s efficiency. It also gives any car wrapped around the 16X an increase in torque without the waste of emissions.

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