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car crash

crash lamborghini picture

We didn’t have news about a Lamborghini crashed for quite a while now, and we were happy, you thought that maybe the other ones were just bad luck. But well now, another one is gone.

What you see in this images used to be a Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota owned by Jay Kay, leader of the group Jamiroquai. This is how the car was looking after the "Cosmic girl" clip was made. Jay Kay decided to "make a turn" and well, the result you can see it.

Jay Kay is a regular participant of GumBall Challenge and he also owns a Miura, one Enzo and a Mercedes 600, so he won’t miss his Diablo which now rusts in an English garage.

Florissant, Missouri Man Loses Control of his Vehicle and Causes Six Car Pile-up

On February 21, 2011 at approximately 11:30am, 75 year old Albert Saunders of Florissant was operating a 2001 Lincoln Towncar traveling eastbound on I-70 at Lucas and Hunt. At that said time and place, Stephen Richardson was operating a 1993 GMC Volvo also traveling eastbound on I-70. Saunders (driver of vehicle one) then lost control of his vehicle, striking Richardson (driver of vehicle two) and causing his vehicle to jack knife.

Due to Saunders' initial contact with Richardson forcing him to jack knife, Richardson's vehicle was forced into the path of a third vehicle driven by 43 Glenn Siedenton who then collided with Richardson. After being struck a second time, Richardson was then forced into a fourth vehicle driven by 20 year old Jarrell Henderson of St. Louis who was then forced to collide with a fifth and sixth vehicle driven by 32 year old Cipriano Cosby and 40 year old Darin Clifton.
Jarrell Henderson's vehicle was totaled and all other vehicles involved sustained minor to moderate damage. Jarrell Henderson was taken from the scene of the crash by Northeast Ambulance to De Paul Hospital with moderate injuries. Denise Cosby, occupant of vehicle five, was also transported from the scene by Northeast Ambulance to De Paul Hospital with moderate injuries.
All drivers involved were wearing their safety devices.

Being a father of 3 youngins and recently watching that movie “an inconvenient truth” has lead me to believe that going green is a great thing. Just wish they would do something about this size of these cars. Dont get me wrong…the smart car aced the crash test. I was so impressed Below I added a video of a crash test they did with this midget of a car. But for those of you trying to go green with limited funds what will you do. Hybrids aren’t cheap. Will you purchase a metro or a maybe civic hatchback? Yes this will help the earth as long as a sandwiching doesn’t occur. I don’t mean to be too negative but visiting a car crash site a little negativity should have been expected. Hybrids are the new technology, in a few years the Tree huggers should be able to expect a prices drop.

The Korean star Lee Min Ho has been hurt a second time on a car accident  while on his current drama “City Hunter.”According to the reports, Lee Min-ho was doing a car chase scene when his vehicle crashed into a parked truck.  Lee Min-Ho, popularly known as Gu Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers,” the car accident happened around a lake in Ilsan while shooting of his latest drama series “City Hunter”. Picture taken on the said car accident.

VIP Accident in Monaco
 "Doroguschy" accident happened in Monaco. Suffered: Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes. A girl driving a Bentley, is likely to mix up the pedals and got into such trouble. At first she ran into Aston Martin, and then in the Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche.

Van Crashes Into J Train Stanchion at Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard... 

While traveling home southbound on the Q-11 I observed an automobile accident at the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard at about 2pm...I can't figure out how the driver managed to crash her van into the stanchion...I tried to get a decent photo from the bus...

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