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toyota hilux 2012 philippines

Toyoto Hilux 2012 philippines
is here and an acquaintance has already bought a unit. Not sure what she was thinking though but if she’s heavy on the looks department, then I couldn’t really fault here. After a couple of years, the Toyota Hilux has finally gotten itself a facelift. Unfortunately, under the bonnet this truck is still sporting the same old engine.

I was pretty excited when the significant other mentioned that one of our friends is now driving around town with a brand spanking new 2012 Toyota Hilux. Since I’ve been staying away from anything four-wheeled these days to stave off my expectation anxiety and have been dabbling in the ‘dark arts’ (the two-wheeled variety), I’m completely caught unaware that Toyota has in fact released a new model.

So off to the internets I go and found myself staring at a gorgeous piece of machinery. Really, a few touches here and there goes a long, long way. Well, it could also be because I’ve been so used to seeing the Toyota Hilux in its pre-2012 design that a simple facelift really did a number on me.

Unfortunately, everywhere I search the 2012 Toyota Hilux is prefaced with the same word that has generated plastic surgeons the world over wads and wads of cash — facelift.

Oh well, I guess Toyota believes that their engine works so well that heck, if it ain’t broken, then why fix it? You know? I too am born from the same superficial mold but still I wanted to see if the all new 2012 Toyota Hilux has been injected with a bit more oomph in terms of BHP and Torque.

Sadly for me, it has not. Maybe that has something to do with keeping this truck affordable for the masses and I’d say more power to them. But with a top of the line Toyota Hilux only sporting 160bhp while costing P1.4xxM? Nah, too glaring a difference I think if you compare it with those that have 174bhp (hello Strada!).

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