Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Suzuki APV 2011

White Suzuki APV 2011 Performance

Suzuki APV (All Purpose Vehicle) is Suzuki's budget MPV designed in Japan and assembled in Indonesia by PT. Indomobil Suzuki International (a subsidiary of Suzuki).

Elegant Suzuki APV Wallpaper

At November 2007, Suzuki released the improved APV named APV Arena (APV Type II in some countries). It offers more luxurious features with the Luxury/SGX type as the flagships (captain seat version). Not just doing some facelift in exterior but also the interior is changed as well an improvement in engine performance.

Gold Suzuki APV on the Road

All About Suzuki APV Color

The APVs are exported to countries like Australia, Algeria, Aruba, Chile, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines.

Black Suzuki APV Concept

Suzuki APV Hatchback

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