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Audi S7

Black Audi S7 Fast Run
Elegant Audi S7 Hatchback
The prototypes caught by our photographer are running on the same parallel-spoke 18-inch “S-Design” wheels that are standard on the Europe-only S5 Sportback. They will certainly be the smallest available on the S7; count on Audi to offer optional 19- and 20-inchers to visually offset the S7’s considerable size. The exterior of this prototype is rather low-key, and in fact virtually identical to the A7 with the optional S-line package that we sampled during the A7’s launch in Sardinia earlier this month. The gaping, rectangular air intakes do little to improve the look of the base model, and we hope—probably in vain—that the S7 will come to market with a somewhat more sophisticated front bumper. The four exhaust pipes out back, on the other hand, look just fine to us.
The Audi S7 takes the beauty of the A7 and stirs in a burly turbocharged V-8. Read inside info and see spy photos of the 2012 S7 at Car and Driver.
You gotta love spy shots any time you see them. At least you know that development of a new car is moving along with little to no hitches.

That’s what we found ourselves looking at when spyshots of the 2012 Audi A7 were taken as it was making sweet laps around the Nurburgring recently. While the car looks a lot like what we’d expect of it, we were a little surprised to find a rear spoiler attached at the back. This is something that was conspicuously absent in past spy shots of the A7 that we’ve seen.

Nevertheless, camouflage and all, the new A7 has the makings of a sleek and sexy design. We fully expect the car to be scooped up by a lot of people as soon as it becomes available. Audi has pegged a June 2011 date so we should definitely see it by then or at least sometime in that area.
                                                         Luxury Audi S7 Front View

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