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Toyota Vanguard

Model ranges include X, G, and Sport, replacing RAV4 L and RAV4 J. The X and G can be ordered with either front-drive or AWD. The Sport model with over fender is AWD only. The extended-length RAV4 is sold in Japan as the Toyota Vanguard, released on August 30, 2007. It is sold in five- and seven-passenger versions and slots between the regular RAV4 and Kluger. As it is often the case in Japan-only vehicles, the Vanguard comes loaded with high-tech gadgets, including steering-assisted stability control, keyless entry and satellite navigation. The Toyota Vanguard was facelifted in 2010.
Before we tell you what's new about the JDM Vanguard, allow us to clarify that the latest generation Toyota RAV-4 is available in two wheelbase versions, with Europe and Japan getting the SWB variant and North America, the LWB model that is also sold in its home market with a different nose job under the name Vanguard.
Now to the updated Vanguard that was launched in Japan today. For 2010, the Vanguard benefits form a few minor cosmetic tweaks that include the restyled grille and front bumper, the new alloy wheel designs and fresh body trim.
Driving interior Toyota Vanguard
luxury Black Toyota Vanguard In The parking
White toyota Vanguard In the Garage
Soft Blue Toyota Vanguard Concept
Toyota Created the Vanguard As The SUV that has the best handling and stability combinatedwith style and elegantthat reflects urban life.From the outside looks atletics and qualityand provides a seven seat interior.

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