Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Audi A7
Recently, the car manufacturer Audi launched the Audi A7 series which has received positive responses from his fans. Because in addition to type sedan, this car is well suited to the needs for fast car enthusiasts but still elegant.
Behind the wheel, you get a sense that the 310-horsepower supercharged V-6 is almost a perfect analogue for the V-8s of just a few years ago. It pulls like a superlux bullet train, willingly ripping through the gears on its way to a 5.4-second 0-60 mph time. Unfortunately, the fuel economy is also roughly analogous to the V-8s of a few years ago: I observed an average in the mid-16 mpg range over the course of a week, and frequently dipped into the 12-14 mpg range on spirited trips. That's the first of the things I don't particularly like about the A7, but it's one I could live with considering the car's positive traits from a driver's perspective.

There's a lot to like about the A7 from a passenger's perspective, too, including a roomier-than-expected rear seat. It's not a long-wheelbase executive limo sort of roominess, but even those a few inches over six feet have space to relax. Up front, the comfort is almost limitless thanks to the highly adjustable seats, except for one small detail, likely an artifact of side-impact crash requirements: the driver's seat isn't centered on the steering wheel.
With the convenience and the genius of this car, it is hoped all interested persons can quickly change and use the beauty of this car. So the Audi lovers will soon be entertained and enjoy the grandeur and comfort soon.

Audi a7 interior
The new Audi A7 presents an interior filled with luxury and high quality technological details. Like his brother, the Audi A8, you will feel a spacious interior. This feeling of spaciousness inside the Audi A7 is enhanced by the panoramic glass roof, which gives you a wider view angle.
In terms of materials for interior of the A7, the German mark uses fine materials such as wood and leather. All this luxury is combined with technology to give a sporty yet elegant interior to the A7.

Audi's A7 has a sophisticated interior with new features that we can choose as an option, such as the head-up display. It projects the most important information in the windshield as symbols and digits that we can read easily. With that important function, drivers can assimilate important information quickly, because it isn't necessary to take away your sight off the road anymore.

The Audi A7's interior is designed as a four-seated car. Front seats have a sportier design, while back seats have a ten-way standard look. We can add 'power adjustment' as optional equipment, and we can also add memory functions or seat heating. The advantages that we have with this four-seated car are its spacious interior and.

The Audi A7 Sportback is a very versatile car for people who enjoy long trips, since its design makes them as comfortable as they can be. Its long rear hatch, which extends far up into the roof, covers a large luggage compartment lined with fine carpeting. Its low loading lip helps make it convenient to use. Its standard capacity is 535 liters (18.89 cubic ft), which increases up to 1,390 liters (49.09 cubic ft) by folding down the rear seat backs, which is an easy labor and takes only few seconds.

With standard equipments, the rear hatch has an electric drive unit installed. It opens high, and the opening angle can be programmed using the buttons on the inside of the hatch. Therefore, the split cover is never in the way while loading the luggage compartment. Audi offers an optional load-through hatch with a ski sack and a reversible mat. Also, it's important to highlight that the A7 Sportback can tow up to 2,100 kilograms (4,630 lb).

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