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D12 Spyker Car

In 2006, The Spyker Car named D12(Sports Utility Vehicle) was giving a surprised at Geneva Auto Show. This D12 was however a concept and not an available model, though orders for it would be taken. Spyker was introduce the production model in 2007. For the D12 a new designer was contracted, a Dutchman named Michiel van de Brink. He created a design which combined sportscar shapes in the vein of other Spyker models with typical SUV characteristics like high ground clearance, big wheels, a large body and a spacious interior.The D12 is shapely with a flowing, coupe-like rear end, it was A reason for Spyker to use the phrase Super Sports Utility Vehicle to describe this car.

Spyker D12 Interior

 Inside the D12 the plush and bright interior customary for a Spyker is featured. It’s a full four-seater with a comfortable entrance for all inhabitants by remarkable “suicide doors”. A high central beam between the seats provides additional rigidity to compensate for the large door openings at the sides.

Spyker C8 Car 05

Monte Burns-Riding in The Spyker C8 Spyder around Monaco

The Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker is struggling with the losses after the acquisition of Saab last February. The company recently announced that they are lowering their forecast for the production of vehicles of Saab. They are expecting to lose some more money through 2011.
In a statement, Spyker tallies their net loss to around 39.9 million Euros compared to a smaller 4.06 million Euros in 2009. The sales though have jumped to almost 276 million Euros as Saab started pulling in the revenues.
Saab was about to collapsed when Spyker decided to salvage the carmaker. After the turnover from General Motors, Saab’s assembly lines were again reactivated by March focusing on the 9-5 Sedan. Spyker aims to grab some profits by 2012 as Saab hits around 120,000 units per year on sales.
Spyker wants to help Saab to re-establish itself as an independent, premium carmaker that is financially viable. The production of Saab has been trimmed down to 30,000 through 35,000 units from a target of around 45K last August and an original plan of 50K units.

Spyker admits that Saab needs a longer time to recover from the factory shutdown and liquidation of assets at the start of the year. The Dutch carmaker also emphasized the goal of rolling out 80,000 units by 2011.

The Spyker Cars

Dutch bespoke cars — absolutely hardcore automotion

 Midland F1 Team Sold To Spyker Cars

Spyker Aileron C8 Spyder

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