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Hummer H2 Specification
The Hummer 2 review indicates that this imposing vehicle is equipped with a 6199cc, V8 diesel engine. This engine can deliver power of 393 bhp at 5700 rpm along with torque of 563 Nm at 4300 rpm. The length of the car is 5169mm and its width is 2062 mm while its height is 2012mm. 5 individuals can sit in the vehicle.

As per the detailed Hummer H2 review the vehicle has independent five link variable rate suspension. The engine is accompanied with 6 automatic gears system and the ground clearance of the vehicle is 247mm. The car has front ventilated and rear disk brake system. The kerb weight of the car is 3000 kgs and the fuel tank of the car is 121 litres.

Hummer H2 Mileage
The Hummer H2 can deliver mileage of 4 km/liter in the city while the mileage on the highway is around 6 km/litre.
Hummer H2 Interiors
Earlier models of Hummer were criticised for their lacklustre interiors. However in 2008 Hummer made changes and updated the interiors. The interiors are designed with high quality materials and include several soft touch surfaces. The vehicle has a large design but in spite of this the interior space is quite modest. The new dash is beautifully designed and the vehicle has well contoured bucket seats and door panels that are redesigned. The vehicle has heated, leather seats, powerful audio system and navigation system as well. The car has Bose system stereos and back seat DVD option.
Hummer H2 Safety features
The car has not been tested in crash tests conducted by the government but the car does have airbags.

Hummer H2 Price and design variations
The price of the car is around Rs 72 lakh and the car is available in a single design variation.

Hummer H3 Colors
The colors in which the car will be available in Indian market are not known as yet.
The Hummer H2 can be an SUV and SUT that’s marketed by General Motors under the Hummer brand. It’s a large truck (slimmer as opposed to Hummer H1), while longer, heavier, and taller with room for six passengers (including driver), seven
passengers in a few models. The rearmost the main H2 SUV was modified to some pickup truck bed to the 2005 H2 SUT (“Sport Utility Truck”). Both H2 SUV and SUT are discontinued as soon as the 2010 model year as GM is winding down the whole Hummer brand. It turned out the only one from the trucks to own letters HUMMER relating to the grill.
The Hummer H2 Custom Carpet Floor Mats – Front Set – by GM are perfect for keeping dirt from the vehicle while providing a soft spot for feet. The mats are produced from nylon and will last many years of washing without becoming worn and unsightly.
The Hummer H2 SUT is really a sport utility truck built by General Motors Corporation and modeled following your HMMWV
(Humvee) military vehicle. The H2 is not as wide, but is taller and longer as opposed to original Hummer. The SUT is the
same as its parent Hummer H2, except it has a small bed the place that the regular H2 posseses an inside cargo bay.Hummer H2 SUT version includes tire carrier (rear space) and sunroof since it’s standard equipments. Hummer H2 Adventure version includes options that come with SUT version in addition to brush guards, tubular-tail lamp protections, roof-rack crossbars, rubber-floor mats, AM/FM six-discs CD changers, HUMMERS first aid kit and an air-suspension system powered by onboard air compressors.

Hummer H2 has a locking system that is optional in addition to truck bed covers for keeping the area across the cargo
secure and clean. Additional accessories of your Hummer H2 include bed-rail cover inserts and also a cargo box (removable and locking).

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