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honda fit

2008 Tokyo Auto Salon: Honda Fit F154SC concept by Mugen

The Honda Fit has established itself as a viable platform for tuners in Japan and with the apparently minimal amount of love being heaped upon the new Civic Type-R, aftermarket firms are focusing more attention on the Civic's younger brother.

Mugen's close ties to Honda have yielded yet another concept that takes the Fit to the next level. Typical for the Fit and Mugen, the F154SC has a supercharger slapped onto the L15A that boosts the power of the 1.5-liter four to 150 hp and 136 lb.-ft. of torque..
Everything that could have been modified has, including a full coilover suspension, exhaust, intake and upgraded brakes, along with the prerequisite body modifications that widen the track and feed more air into the engine bay

Honda’s official tuning partner wasted no time at all with the new Fit (Jazz in Europe and elsewhere) introducing a wide range of accessories just as the compact hatch went on sale in Japan. Mugen offers two distinct bodykits for the Fit, the more aggressively styled RS Aero Kit and the more subtle, L/G Aero kit.

Introduced a few years ago gas prices were just starting racing in the sky, the Honda Fit is now a happy part of the prophecy of the car. A four-door compact hatchback car Honda Fit has won acclaim for the world-class design and engineering, and certainly found its niche with consumers, especially with the emergence of second generation model. In two generations, see the precise handling, versatile interior, high quality finish and relatively low prices. For buyers of small cars, the Honda Fit is almost perfect package. Honda Fit is available in two trim levels: Base and Sport.

Is an economic engine to 1.5 liters and 117 hp four-cylinder and 106 foot-pounds of torque production. five-speed manual is standard with a five-speed automatic transmission is optional. the oars are in the sports version automatically. Fuel consumption is good, and most of the transmission. Based on the alignment, are equipped with air conditioning, cruise control, keyless entry and telescopic steering wheel and turn four speakers and audio CD player, auxiliary input and USB / iPod / audio interface standard. Honda Fit Sport bigger, sport trim audio and six speakers, iPod-compatible USB to win. Sport Fit may be an option with the navigation system with touch-screen.

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