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toyota passo

The Toyota Passo is a subcompact car by Japanese automaker Toyota, and is sold only in Japan. The small but roomy Toyota is available with a 1000cc engine in 2WD and 4WD, or a 1300cc engine with only 2WD. Transmission wise it only comes with a CVT Automatic box. The Passo is only available in Petrol and according to the Japanese Law, the car can carry 5 passengers (including driver).
The Passo comes in a range of 10 colours.

Banana Shake Metallic Black Mica Metallic Bright Silver Metallic Champagne Metallic Copal Maroon Brown Mica Mint Blue Metallic Copal Pearl White White Yellow Green Mica Metallic Shining Red.
The Toyota Passo shares bodies (minus indevidual details) with the Daihatsu Sirion, Daihatsu Boon, Perodua MyVi and the Subaru Justy

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces the launch in Japan today of the redesigned “Passo” compact hatchback. The second-generation Passo further refines the highly maneuverable compact body, spacious interior and class leading1 fuel efficiency and environmental performance of the popular first-generation Passo released in June 2004, with the new vehicle embodying input, from the planning stage, from female consumers in Japan. This development has taken the Passo to the next level and demonstrates TMC’s ongoing efforts to design vehicles to meet consumer needs.

Toyota Passo Toyota has launched the 2nd generation Toyota Passo in Japan, and it now comes in two ‘body styles’ called the regular Passo and the Passo + Hana which is supposed to be the more stylish and upmarket model with features such as projector headlamps. They seem to be taking an “Alphard and Vellfire” or “Noah and Voxy” two styling for one model approach to alot of their JDM models now.

The car has alot more curves to it now, compared to the first generation Passo which was cute but had alot of straight lines in its design language such as in the headlamps and the way the front hood met the bumper.

But most of us were just never familiar with that as Perodua had softened those lines in the Myvi, for example the Myvi’s headlamps are more rounded and the front hood became more shapely.

Toyota Passo + Hana In Japan, the new Passo will be available with either a 1.0 liter or a 1.3 liter engine. The 4-speed auto has been phased out – now all models including 4WD versions come with a CVT transmission. The 1.0 liter uses the 1KR-FE that produces 69 PS (51kW) at 6,000rpm and 92Nm of torque at 3,600rpm.
The 1.3 liter engine is the new 1NR-FE which replaces the K3-VE in the previous generation car. The 1NR-FE now has dual variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust valves. Power output is 95 PS (70kW) at 6,000rpm and 121Nm of torque at 4,000rpm, which is up from the K3-VE’s 86hp (64kW) and 116Nm.

As with the previous Passo, it is a shared model with Daihatsu. A wheelbase of 2,440mm which is the same as the current Passo/Boon/Myvi models hints that most of the platform has been carried over, probably with some refinements here and there.
Will we see this new Passo coming to Malaysia as a new Myvi? The other question is how much of the Japanese model will get transferred over in the process – will we get the new Dual VVT-i engine, the CVT transmission and the column-mounted shifter?
In any case, look after the jump for a full gallery showing you front, rear, side and interior views of the new car.

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