Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Toyota Wish 2011

The Toyota Wish was released in 2005. As usual, the car had to do its rounds in Asia mostly Japan, before it hopped into the ship to Africa. Finally it is here. It appeared in Kenya in 2009 and is has taken the country by storm. Were it not for the great sales that the fielder had, it could have been overtaken by the Wish. This is the minivan to eye in the Kenyan market.
Most of these cars are 1.8 L to 2.0 L VVTi engines. This makes it as fuel efficient as the Toyota Premio that is a darling car for Kenyans. The engine is a 4 cylinder 16 valve which gives it enough energy to propel the car that has a displacement of 1794cc for specifics.
The car has a rear wipe and stylish LED Break lights and high mount LED Stop Lamp. Its lamps are improved with better reflector material and this gives it a complete 2010 look.
The car comes in many colors ranging from Silver to Grey, Red, Blue and White.
The Toyota Wish is preferred by many Kenyans since it has ample space on the interior and the trunk. It serves the purpose of the smaller RAV 4 and the Fielder. Lovers of Toyota Caldina also love this car.
Elegant Black Toyota Wish Concept
There is also enough legroom for the driver and the passenger since the gear lever is placed strategically on the lower dashboard adjacent to the glove compartment.
The new Toyota WISH 2.0 is everything you and your family dream of. A larger engine capacity ensures a more enthusiastic drive, while the spacious cabin accomodates seven adults comfortably. Needless to say, you can easily configure it to meet your exact needs. Coupled with stunning good looks and the best safety in its class, every journey is special with the new Toyota WISH 2.0.

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