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Nissan March

Nissan March sedan is a car manufactured by Japanese companies, Nissan since 1982 for the European market. Nissan March was first launched in 1982 with a 5-door vehicle. This car has 3 and 5 door. The predecessor of the Nissan Micra.
Vehicle type hatchback 5-seater is one of the most important model for the Nissan in an attempt to establish themselves as one of the major players in Indonesia's automotive industry.
New Nissan March is the first car to use Nissan's latest platform, the V-platform. March made ​​and prepared specifically for the global marketplace. Besides Indonesia, the Nissan March is also marketed in over 160 countries around the world, while Thailand was the first to market New Nissan March.
Nissan March was born as a compact car is nimble and fuel efficient. Now, Nissan plans to bring the March with a larger powered machine.
Not tangung-tangggung, March newest supercharged it would use the device to boost the power generated.
The machine that bears will use technology-Supercharger Gasoline Direct Injection (DIG-S) on the 1198 cc engine, three cylinders.
In Japan, the new Nissan March is available with a frugal 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol engine, while higher-end models also get a new start and stop system, further improving the car's fuel economy.
Among the various grades and trim levels offered in Japan is the Bolero pictured above. This version stands out thanks to a new fascia with a very Bentley-like grille design and a unique front bumper.
Behind the hood there is a modern engine technology with a tough outer skeleton, safe and inside the cabin there are ergonomic and comfortable to ride around town.

Although the condition of a small car, but the concept vehicle in March of this use of security technology innovations as the concept of a safety shield with a body that monocuk, helping the driver and passengers in avoiding danger in different situations to avoid the risks during a collision.
March cabin space created by Roomy cabin, making the passengers will feel roomy. Although graded March city car, but the cars look more spacious cabin.Meanwhile, a car made ​​of cloth joke beludu smooth and durable, in addition to its own jokenya designed fitting with the back, so it does not quickly make a tired driver while driving. Cabin section that gets the best portion is the rear trunk, the trunk of March could contain five gallons of water.

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