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Lamborghini Murcielago LP750 by edo competition

Lamborghini Murcielago LP750 by edo competition

Celebrity fashion designer Christian Audigier takes the Murcielago to a whole new dimension as shown here in the edo competition Lamborghini Murcielago LP710/2 Audigier Edition. Pretty much what it comes down to is taking a stock Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and pissing off the bull just a little more to put out about 710hp from the 6.5 liter V-12. A new exhaust system, no more AWD system, modified cylinder heads custom camshafts were employed to give this Bull the extra ponies.
No more all-wheel drive and a posted 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds… That’s some serious driving considering all the power is coming from the rear wheels.
Supposedly the LP710 package will cost an additional $77,000. Add that on top of the $339,000 LP640’s base price and you’re talking about just shy of a half-a-million dollars.

Christian Audigier-designed Interior and Graphics

The edo LP 710 carries some fancy interior design work in leather and hand-stitched artwork recognizable to those in-the-know as Audigier. The driver's seat features a flaming skull design and the Audigier name stitched into the leather, and everything from interior panels to fully leather-trimmed dash carry similar fancy touches. The Murcielago, already looking like an implement of death in its own right, is the perfect car for this transformation.

The LP 710 Audigier will not appeal to many of Lamborghini's buyers, as its tattoo inspired designs are a bit of a stretch for the brand image. But edo will certainly have no problem selling the limited 5 units of the latest designer supercar, despite a base price of more than $690,000. That'll net you two stock Murcielagos, but no flaming skulls. Murcielago Audigier buyers will have the option to select from several of Christian's designs, ensuring their run-of-5 Lambo Audigier car is truly unique.
More Than a Pretty Face - edo competition Lamborghini Tuning

edo competition would never give its hallowed name to a sports car without some serious engine and drivetrain work, and the Murcielago LP 710 Audigier is no exception. Perhaps most notable is the optional conversion to RWD, not available on any Murcielago models from the factory. A new single-disc clutch, which must carry about as much tensile strength as Superman, is standard.

The LP 710 moniker, fitting with Lamborghini nomenclature, refers to the Audigier's crazy horsepower output of 710 bhp. Torque is 516 ft-lb., and edo competition promises their LP 710 is good for more than 224 mph.

Contact edo if you have the clams for one of these super rare Lambo monstrosities, if they are not sold out already.

The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is a lightweight version of the Gallardo and pumps an extra 10-hp from its V10 for a total of 530-hp. 0-62 comes in 3.8 seconds. Now you may think that’s enough, but tuner edo competition doesn’t.
With the installation of a massive air box, high-flow catalytic converters and a recalibration of the ECU, edo competition engineers managed to squeeze out an extra 30 horses for a total of 560-hp. Top speed comes in at 199mph. The edo competition Gallardo Superleggera was also lowered by 15mm for more road-hugging action.
No major visual changes were made besides 19-inch wheels with 39 stainless steel screws.

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