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Honda JAZZ

Honda's continuing commitment to petrol-electric hybrid technology. The launch of the latest addition to the practical Jazz line-up marks the first time a parallel hybrid vehicle has been available to B-segment consumers. Importantly the Honda Jazz Hybrid will not lose any of its practicality, with the compact nature of the Honda IMA system allowing the B-segment car to retain its ultra-flexible "Magic Seats" and 300 litres of boot space.
Standard features include remote keyless entry, electric front windows, electric heated side mirrors, magic seats, multi-info display, CD player and a stereo, among other things. To maximize storage space even more, check out the trunk, where you'll find an innovative storage system. Unique two-level storage design can be easily configured in many ways to meet your storage needs at this time. Honda Jazz offers a fuel-efficient compact car, combined with seat, and smooth ride of a luxury sedan. From the bright and spacious interior, to many innovative possibilities of transport and storage, along with unparalleled Honda engineer, this is a special car, and will undoubtedly add to the many satisfied customers.
Luxury Blue Hoda Jazz Front View
Car type Hatchback Honda mainstay that has gain huge success in the world, Honda Jazz, will again present with a more sporty design, features a more complete with retaining his trademark as a fuel-efficient cars.
New Honda Jazz 2011 again raise the standard of a 5 - door hatchback that has a cabin roomy quality with a high level of utility, innovative features with advanced technology that has always been trendsetter in this class.

Orange Honda Jazz Concept
On the interior here’s a few bits of chrome added to the cabin and a leather trim option – all the better for those down-sizing to a Jazz, according to Honda. There’s also a darker dashboard material – all the better to contrast with the orange and blue back lighting of the dials. Apparently.
There are also four new colours available across the petrol range – Azure Blue, Polished Metal, Urban Titanium and Ionized Bronze. The Hybrid version also benefits from Azure Blue plus two new colours – a vibrant Lime Green Metallic and Taffeta White

Honda Jazz i-VTEC engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions, in addition, offered in two variants: type S and the RS. According to several sources that the 2011 facelift Honda Jazz will be released on May 19, 2011. This car has a rather large dimensions with several improvements to improve aerodynamics.

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